Community Banking

A community bank is a depository or lending banking service that primarily serves businesses and individuals in a small geographic area. Community banking tends to emphasize personal relationships with customers in specific area. 

Community banking serves customers where branch networks are not available and often provide loans to local businesses and individuals who may not qualify based on the more standardized criteria for other lending products criteria such as credit scores, income, and other quantitative data. This model of banking applies with a limited number of branches that primarily serve local businesses and individuals who live nearby.

Community banking tend to focus on traditional functions such as accepting deposits and providing business loans, mortgages, and credit lines. Despite their emphasis on local customers, some have created online banking functionality that allows them to serve a wider audience.

Where You Save & Spend Impacts your community.

Gadaa Bank Community Banking Includes the Following Products But Not Limited To:

Mobile Banking
Remote Deposit Capture
Electronic Bill Payments
Cash Management Services
Online Loan Application
Personal Finance Tools
Online Loan Repayment
Online Loan Closing
Interactive Teller Machine
Online Loan Underwriting

Some Benefits of using Gadaa Bank Community Banking are:

  • Offers Better Rates and Lower Fees
  • Have Greater Focus on Serving Small Businesses
  • Commitment to Community Service and Giveback Programs
  • Decision-Making Based on the Community’s Needs
  • We focus on the needs of local families, businesses & farmers
  • Our officers are generally accessible to customers on site.
  • We are deeply involved in local community events.
  • We understand the needs of small business owners.
  • We offer nimble decision-making on business loans because decisions are made locally.
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